School Dance

Macs Music has been consistently rated one of the best DJ companies in the province by people in the industry. Dollar for dollar, Macs Music provides a quality product that is considered high end in the business. Macs Music runs only four systems with one always on standby. Quality is always priority, and our clients are always involved with the music process. Three partners operate Macs Music. All having at least 25 years experience as a DJ and all have experience as MC's or musicians in Alberta. But what's more important is that the partners have žeen together for at least 18 years and are respected professionals during the day. As educators, we run some of the best school and family dances around. Axe Music, Western Canada's Largest Music store, rates Macs Music as one of the best companies in the province because of the quality provided to the customer.

If you book your special day with Macs Music you can be assured that everything from the system to the selection on music will be first rate. Throw in a DJ with years of experience and you have the premium show for your wedding or event. You need to know that all DJ companies are NOT the same. But if you are looking for a company who has built a spotless reputation on quality and performance then give us a call. We know you won't be disappointed

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