Macs Music provides all clients with top quality equipment for any function. All events receive a digital quality system and lighting package built to suit the needs and wants of the client. There are no hidden charges for extras. We will bring you the best we have which is premium in the industry! Nothing is second rate!

On Board Gear - MacBook Pro On Board Gear
  • All systems are powered by Crown and QSC hardware.
  • MacBook Pro and Denon 3rd gen. club decks used
  • PPD mixers and boards are used for optimum clarity.
  • Soundcraftsman sound shapers and processors are used for bigger shows.
  • Elite 18 inch direct sound bins for the ultimate in performance.
  • Mackie Performance Powered 18 inch Monitors for small rooms or wedding ceremonies.


When you book with Macs Music Edmonton, all the lights are included. We will consult with you to produce the best possible lighting package for your wedding, party, school dance or event. Unlike other companies, there will be no extra charges for the extras. Everything will be built to suit the needs and wants of the customer. From mood lighting to the ultimate in motion and club effects, Macs Music will provide you with a package to compliment the system and the evening.


When you book with Macs Music, you can be assured that your party will have all the music of every era! Combine this with years of music libraries, and there is rarely a song requested that cannot be played. From the 1940's to present-day, Macs Music has all the music for your wedding or special event.

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